Custom Docker Run Arguments

caliban {shell, notebook, run} all perform some combination of docker build and docker run to provide their functionality. Each provides various sane defaults that should be fine for most use cases; sometimes, however, you might need to break through the caliban abstraction layer and pass arguments to docker run directly.

One example would be if you need to set environment variables inside the container, or limit which GPUs are mounted into the container.

To pass custom options to docker run, use --docker_run_args, like this:

caliban run --docker_run_args "--env MY_VARIABLE" trainer.train

This particular command will set MY_VARIABLE inside the container to its current value in the shell where you run the above command, as described in the docker run documentation. (The ``docker run` <>`_ docs have information on all possible options.)

This argument is available in caliban run, caliban shell and caliban notebook.

You may see an error if you pass some flag or argument that caliban already supplies. Caliban prints the docker run command it executes on each invocation, so if you need full control you can always use docker run directly.